Monday, November 3, 2008

Zero Two

I might have the timeline wrong on this (probably do) but it was around this time that Mike and Ed started sharing their Vegetarian ways with the skate world. If I am not mistaken Mike's Barnyard graphic had something to do with this as well. I can remember reading interviews with Mike where he preached about vegetarinism and being a pacifist.

In addition to TV, mike, ed and I think Sheffy for minute rode for a shoe company called Zero Two. Their claim to fame was that no animal products were used to make them. They were modelled after a chukka and were made of the non-hook velcro (fury side). I actually owned a pair, probably mailordered from the classic CCS catalogue. They were actually pretty rad shoes, they came with a velcro ollie pad that you could move around. I could skate in them use the ollie pad then take it off for school. Those vegetarians had some good ideas!

Anyways at this point Mike is still a fun lovin' skater who couldn't think of hurting anyone or anything, not even a living thing.

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