Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where did I leave off...

Oh yeah! Mike was throwing down no complies, running through cemeteries and was the new face of Powell & Peralta, then out of nowhere this happened! He joined world the revolution began. Skateboarding would never be the same again. 
Leaving Powell was a huge move back in day, Powell and Peralta was the holly grail of skateboarding. Up until then just about every skateboarder dreamed of skating for them. When Vallely left it changed everything, all of the sudden skateboarding wasn't about the big companies (powell, vision). For those of us skating at the time it really started the DYI attitude in skateboarding that is so common today. 
Although Rocco was the brains behind World Industries it is hard to imagine what skateboarding would be like if Mike hadn't left Powell. Rocco had to sign someone big or it never would have taken off.
It's true our very own Mike V. is quite possibly responsible for what skating is today. Even as I write this I am shaking my head. 
It's 1988 (right after Public Domain) and Mike V. single handedly turned the skateboard industry on its head. At this point you are still the shit Mike!

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