Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sean Young

One of my all time favorites. This photo is from 93' check the bearing cover wheels! 
Sean was just raw skating, he was part of the original Antihero crew. He killed SF in the early mid nineties. His hill bomb in the pouring rain is one of craziest things I have ever seen. I used to skate union square around the time he was there but never ran into him. The ledges there were tall and raw, not many people skated them. Sean did and would grind the hell out of them, full on sparks flying! While the rest of us hit up the "regular" sized green benches. 
Was just in SF this summer and someone said they had seen him around. He pretty much disappeared in the late nineties. I hope he is still pushing around having fun on a board.
Photo compliments of http://4qconditioning.blogspot.com/ max schaaf's blog, always a must hit when surfing.

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