Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Public Domain

Public Domain (1988) came at a time when Powell Peralta
was starting to loose some of its popularity. Then along came 
Mike V.'s part, raw east coast style, that just made you want to
skate everything!

Immediately following this video I went to my nearest army 
surplus picked up a pair of army pants, saved up my money 
for a Vallely deck (elephant in the top ten of skate graphics), 
and learned how to no comply. Oh yeah and ran through a few 
As a kid I never really thought about the fact that he wore the 
same gear throughout his video part, only later did we learn 
that Stacy insisted they wear the same clothes to make it seem 
like it was all filmed in a day, fooled me.
It was 1988 and Mike V. was the shit...let's examine the next 
20 years over the next few posts....


random said...

ha ha, all I remember from this is the running through the cemetary and the dawn of the no comply...

Keith said...

There's something up with this post. The text isn't wrapping.

His part in Public Domain was sick but the followup in Speed Freaks was even better. That might have been the peak right there.

It was all down hill after he left World.

Robert said...

Once he was on TV it was all downhill.

Robert said...

When I embedded the clip it did something funny to the text.