Sunday, December 14, 2008

This weekend at the berrics

This weekend at the berrics a few what should have been decent games of skate were a little underwhelming.
First off Carroll vs. WIlson, two heavy weights but can you ever see their age. Younger dudes pop so much higher, they still have it but definitely not the pop of todays young guns. Good to see Carroll take it, this being his VBS week and all.
Round two, Reynolds vs. Castillo. I honestly thought this would be the better of the two but little d, you let us down. If only there had been a 2 inch manny pad, daniel would have killed. As Reda said "you shoulda poisoned him!"
Speaking of Daniel Castillo, he has to win some lifetime AM award at some skate award show. Seriously, did anyone think he would ever turn pro? Have all the respect in the world for this kid/man sticking to it. Does anyone know how old he really is? Was he like 7 in those world videos, or is he dirty thirty like most of you reading this.

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